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Birthdate:Mar 26

Teacher at the Cabot School.

Not a real person, strictly for writing and roleplay! Definitely not Minnie Driver either. No money is being made and no harm nor disrespect is intended.

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175 g, animals, baking, biology, breakout flood, conservation, cooking, damien rice, discraft, ecology, eddie, education, environmental science, family, food, gardening, guitar, hucking, james morrison, kayaking, meditation, monty, my students, no refs, observers, ocean, organic gardening, out and under, over the rhine, pets, pivoting, santa barbara, sarah maclachlan, scuba diving, singing, spirit of the game, split and send, sportsmanship, stacking, stackmotion, students, surfing, sustainability, swimming, teaching, the backhand, the berkeley cut, the flick, the hammer, tidepooling, tristan, ultimate disc, ultimate frisbee, upa, vienna teng, water, windsurfing

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